Japanese Freshwater Fish Collection

The freshwater fish collection of the National Science Museum number approximately 1.2 million specimens. The late Dr. Morizumi Nakamura, who was a curator of the Fish Division of the Museum from 1969 to 1979, collected almost all of this large and important collection of fishes. Most of his collection was obtained from various parts of Japan in the 1960s when Japan still maintained excellent habitats for freshwater fishes.

The online Freshwater Fish Collection Database includes relevant information for each cataloged lot of specimens. However, the National Science Museum has no responsibility for the veracity of the information. Taxonomic, distributional and ecological data should be verified by direct inspection of the specimens in consultation with Fish Division staff. Please note that many taxa are listed under old names and synonyms. Publications, reports, and other means of dissemination resulting from the information contained in this database must acknowledge the Division of Fishes, National Science Museum as the source.

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